Onefly Launches Series of Technological Innovations to Build a More Professional Mining Service Platform

Onefly Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd. is a legally registered and compliant entity company headquartered in Osaka, Japan, founded in 2022. Onefly is focused on providing digital asset value preservation and appreciation services to customers, and is a major participant in global Bitcoin mining infrastructure investment.

Onefly utilizes self-developed mining maintenance software to efficiently manage large-scale mining rigs, achieving one-click integrated administration and clear, scientific zoning management. Onefly has recently launched a series of technological innovations and product upgrades to provide miners with a higher-quality mining experience.
Firstly, Onefly has overcome technical challenges to realize real-time monitoring DAPP ports. Miners can directly view the real-time operating status of mining sites through Onefly's platform, without needing third-party software or other cumbersome operations. This functionality is the fruit of Onefly’s in-depth research and application of blockchain technology, and also reflects their respect and trust in miners.
Secondly, in light of recent Bitcoin price fluctuations, mining site hashrate changes, and feedback from the mining community, Onefly has introduced long-cycle hashrate mining products to provide miners with more stable and high-yield investment options. Onefly’s long-cycle hashrate products not only have higher yields and lower miner depreciation rates, but also longer contract periods, allowing miners to enjoy mining without worrying about market volatility and risks.
Finally, Onefly is the first in the industry to adopt dry cooling units, spearheading sectoral innovations once again. Dry cooling units utilize air to cool water, effectively lowering the temperature of water-cooled machines and improving their performance and stability. Onefly’s dry cooling rigs break restrictions in areas lacking water resources, enabling rapid and efficient deployment while also conserving water and reducing environmental impact.
Onefly’s technological innovations and product upgrades demonstrate their leading position and professional standards in the Bitcoin hashrate service sphere, while reflecting their commitment to miners and attentive service philosophy. Onefly will continue providing miners with superior hashrate services, making mining simpler, safer and more efficient.

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