Amidst Volatile Market Uniglo (GLO) Keeps Surging Over 35%, Whilst Bitcoin (BTC) And RIpple (XRP) Struggling

The crypto markets have been incredibly volatile recently. And while many different projects have seen losses, not every individual token has seen losses. There is still money to be made in digital currency, you just have to invest wisely. And those cryptos that are showing strength right now have the potential to flourish even more when the wider markets finally move into a bull market and out of the current bear. While nobody is sure when this will happen, there are rumors amongst the crypto community that it could be soon. That’s why investments from certain savvy onlookers are increasing into certain cryptos.

But now more than ever in the space, you need to focus on credible projects with strong fundamentals rather than just investing in a memecoin or popular token and hoping it moons. And it’s those lesser-known projects that have the best potential right now. You have the opportunity to invest in one and enjoy huge price gains all the way up to the top, getting a leap on much of the rest of the market. Experts have recently spotted one top token they think could go onto massive things, and that’s Uniglo:

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo has built a range of features that set it apart from much of the competition, and give huge potential for this new token in the crypto space. Prices are up considerably while still only in pre-sale thanks to GLO’s compelling range of infrastructure and credentials. It has built a vault of assets in the GLO vault that are made up from a range of diversified products. These include gold, cryptos, NFTs and more. They give the underlying GLO price a strong and stable base that people can have complete faith in, and it makes the project completely deflationary. These deflationary measures are added to by the incredible dual-burn mechanism that continues to ensure scarcity grows over time. Experts love the features GLO brings to the table and believe it could be the next big thing for the digital currency industry. That’s why now might be the time to buy, as it’s currently available for a discount during pre-sale.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin has struggled somewhat recently, and is way down from all-time highs. But that doesn’t mean its time is over, far from it. BTC isn’t going anywhere in the crypto market, and it is still by far the most well-known coin, and the biggest by market cap. When confidence returns to crypto in general, it should see further rises, and many believe it can surpass previous all-time highs by some way.

Ripple (XRP)

It’s been a difficult few years for XRP, with major regulatory issues and other problems. These have led to some marketplaces unlisting XRP, making it harder to buy and harder to sell. While there could still be a future for Ripple, there might be other investments out there right now that are more worthwhile


There might still be money to be made with XRP and BTC, but it’s GLO that has the best potential right now to revitalize your portfolio for the future.

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