Asian investors are buying Oryen after a 100% price increase instead of Vechain (VET) or Shiba Inu (SHIB)

The numbers are in. The latest reserve currency, Oryen (ORY), which is based on Binance Smart Chain, has already achieved a 100% price increase. This is a big win for investors who bought its ORY token very early. However, the price increments of this new crypto gem show no signs of slowing down. Now, investors in Asia are taking notice, choosing to buy ORY over Vechain (VET) or Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Oryen (ORY)

The Oryen Network is taking a fresh approach to money-making and wealth distribution. It introduces its reserve currency, ORY, which is designed to maintain a stable price despite market volatility. The Oryen protocol has been making headlines because of its innovative solution for generating passive income. Holders of ORY receive a regular share of rebase rewards every hour and gain from an automatic staking process powered by the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT). Oryen implements the OAT system to ensure an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 90%, which is mindblowing for investors who have struggled with trading, staking, or crypto lending.

As the market for cryptocurrencies grows in Asia, entrepreneurs are interested in buying a passive income token that poses a low risk. ORY appears to fit the bill, as it guarantees a regular return on investment. The Oryen protocol also implements features necessary to sustain the floor price of ORY and power its auto-staking capabilities.

Vechain (VET)

With ORY in the market, crypto buyers in Asia are opting out of VeChain (VET), which is a layer-1 smart contract platform that utilizes decentralized governance and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This project intends to break down significant data barriers in multiple global industries, such as healthcare, energy, food, and sustainability. It also aims to create an ecosystem that harnesses the power of decentralized data and builds the digital backbone reinforcing the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Many token buyers in Asia are also starting to choose Oryen (ORY) over Shiba Inu (SHIB). Shiba Inu is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that was released in 2020 as an alternative to the pioneering Dogecoin (DOGE). SHIB circulates the marketplace and funds DeFi applications for lending, saving, and exchanging assets such as NFTs. To expand its utility, developers designed a dog-themed metaverse where users can play, explore, and earn passive income while placing parcels of land using Ethereum or its equivalent amount of SHIB tokens.

The bottom line

Oryen is an exciting new project that offers presale-related gains as well as a 90% fixed annual return. As the cryptocurrency market in Asia expands, entrepreneurs in the region are accumulating ORY tokens to take advantage of the presale discount.

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