How Will Coins like Oasis Network and Polkadot React to (PXDS) Pexdos emerging in the Web3 Space?

The Cryptocurrency world continues to showcase vibrancy with certain parts of the ecosystem, an area that has been showing promising signs and getting a lot of attention recently is that of the Web3 world.

And with many not fully coming to terms we’re still in a down trend market, we decided to find out a little more of the Coins looking to rally in the Web3 arena, and with a little bit of luck begin kick-starting the cryptocurrency world in a more positive direction.

PEXDOS (PXDS) – Clearly Ready for Take Off 

Appearing from out of the blue PEXDOS (PXDS) has slowly begun gaining traction, with their latest methods to disrupt the Web 3.0 Digital Advertising market. The decentralized token built on the Binance smart chain, PXDS has a clever development team that, allowing them to create a multitude of products and more in development within the Pexdos Business Suite.

The basis of Pexdos (PXDS) is to create an environment for Advertisers to reach their audience, brought to market using the Pexdos Browser, where Advertisers will have the ability to take advantage of Digital Display and Native ads on the Browser.

With a straightforward approach, Advertisers will be able to load fiat and in turn have that transferred as Pexdos Token to be used on the privacy platform, so they can showcase their non-intrusive ads to browser users.

With the Pexdos Browser boasting both speed and security and the willingness to reward users with cash converted from the Pexdos Token or Gifts Cards provided on the Pexdos Partnership Network, analysts already feel with the combination of products and a loyal and growing community behind PXDS it seems to have all the right signs of becoming a big player

It’s clear to see Pexdos (PXDS) is ready for take off, and if you’re considering the latest alt token or Web3 project then make no mistake Pexdos, could in fact be exactly what you’re looking for.

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The Oasis Network (ROSE) claims, it differentiates itself by the creation of privatized smart contracts and electric like transaction speeds.

Believing its blockchain is the first ready for scalability in the open source finance arena as well as web 3.0, so much so that top VC investors such as the likes of billionaire Andreessen Horowitz the former Mozilla browser owner are betting big on this project having a huge impact.

With the layer-one proof-of-stake network already cementing its place, will users migrate to their platform in droves, well Andreesen Horowitz at least believes so.

POLKADOT (DOT) -Valuable Exchange

The Polkadot protocol blockchain allows data to flow seamlessly across a number of unrelated decentralized blockchains wallets such as Ethereum in a secure way whilst removing any third party intermediaries.

With the Networks ability to handle as much as 1,000 transaction a minute in comparison to the likes of Bitcoin which can only manage in the region of 7 per minute, it’s easy to see why DOT had a brilliant foundation to succeed.

The next generation blockchain seeing developers selecting their blockchain over better known competitors, is further testament the ecosystem is trusted and one Web3 users can rely on for the future.

Our Conclusion

Will Pexdos (PXDS) reach the moon perhaps, but it’s clear to see the sky is looming for this game changing project, that seems to have selected their Crypto niche perfectly and just at the right time.

Crypto Investors will be targeting PXDS as the next alt token to add real value to the Web 3.0 space, if you’ve read this far your more than likely interested in the Pexdos pre-sale phase taking off, and ready to hit a home run since that’s the case register by clicking below to learn more and get started.

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