Asset-packaged NFT Issuance and Trading Platform Coresky Launches Highly Anticipated Sixth Launchpad, Leading the Innovation Wave

On August 14th, Coresky, the world’s first Asset-packaged NFT issuance and trading platform, welcomed its eagerly awaited sixth Launchpad. In this Launchpad, Coresky has transformed the primary market token allocation of KAKAROT, worth a total of $300,000 USD, into multiple Kakarot-packaged NFTs. These NFTs grant users the opportunity to participate in the primary market investment of the KAKAROT project. This Launchpad continues to guide users into an entirely new realm of investment, as Coresky’s unique spirit of innovation shapes the future of investment experiences.

KAKAROT zkEVM is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) implementation written using Cairo. Built upon the CairoVM, KAKAROT ensures that every transaction executed on it is verifiable. KAKAROT empowers developers to deploy EVM applications while allowing end-users to interact with these applications using their familiar toolchains. Furthermore, KAKAROT’s future plans include developing a “roll-up as a service” model, offering an all-in-one solution for on-chain transactions, further solidifying its position in the blockchain ecosystem.

KAKAROT has previously garnered support from institutions like StarkWare and LambdaClass, as well as angel investors including Vitalik Buterin, Nicolas Bacca, and Rand Hindi.

Coresky empowers digital assets, leading the NFT of assets, breaking the boundaries between FTs and NFTs, and pioneering a fresh mode of NFT trading. By transcending the boundaries of primary and secondary markets, Coresky, through innovation, has generated greater liquidity for various projects in the 1.5-level market. Coresky’s Asset-packaged NFTs are innovative tools that provide users with opportunities to invest and engage in high-quality Web3 projects’ primary markets. With the introduction of the sixth Launchpad, the inclusion of KAKAROT further enriches the variety of projects in Coresky’s asset issuance.

Insiders at Coresky revealed, “In the future, Coresky will delve deeper into broader areas such as RWA assets and POW assets. In the upcoming Token 2049 event in September, Coresky is honored to be a collaborator. We sincerely invite partners from all industries to visit the Coresky booth and engage in deep discussions with us.”

Users participating in the sixth Launchpad only need to mint and bind their CoreCard for free on the Coresky platform, meeting the binding requirements to obtain Tickets generated by CoreCard. These Tickets grant participation in the initial release event of Kakarot-packaged NFTs. Users selected through the draw will have the opportunity to mint Kakarot-packaged NFTs. Different tiers of CoreCard holders will enjoy varying benefits in each Launchpad, with higher-tier CoreCard holders receiving Asset-packaged NFTs through platform airdrops.

Notably, during the sixth Launchpad event, Coresky will take a CoreCard snapshot on August 31st, 00:00 Eastern Time. At that time, CoreCard V4 and V5 users meeting the snapshot conditions will receive airdropped rewards of Asset-packaged NFTs valued at 200U and 1000U respectively.

Global participants in the cryptocurrency industry are invited to visit the Coresky trading platform for more information:

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